Floral drama queen

Complete Peonie Feature June 2017, 
photographed in an old Bavarian farmhouse with courtesy of Familie Breitsameter.
Thank you for letting us immerse into the charm and history of your family inheritance. It was a pleasure to work on the old wooden floors, the worn tiles and the chilly shades of the massiv ancient brickwork.

Ein herzliches Dankeschön an Familie Breitsameter, die uns einen ganzen Tag lang die Türen zu ihrem alten denkmalgeschützten Bauernhaus geöffnet hat. Es war weniger ein Arbeiten als ein vergnügliches Eintauchen in die Geschichte des alten Gemäuers, das uns an einem heißen Frühsommertag mit angenehmer Kühle empfing. Wohin wir den eigentlichen Star des Shootings - die Pfingstrose - auch platzierten, das Haus umfing die Diva aus dem Pflanzenreich charaktervoll mit Patina, als wollte es der blühenden Schönen beweisen, dass Nichts und Keiner dem Verstreichen der Zeit die Stirn zu bieten vermag.

Concept, styling and photography Cornelia Weber.


The scent of May - Lilac

One more preview today: Made this bouquet for  my recent Lilac shooting. What I love most about it is the contrast between the deep purple colors and the lush green of the Japanese Marple tree foliage.


Peonie love

Last weekend I captured these deep red Peonies. I am so happy that I was allowed to shoot the whole story on a stunning location. The old farmhouse was basically build in the 17th century. Its worn and pitoresque walls tamed the exuberant beauty of the peonies. 
More impressions coming soon ... 


Red eggs with Ikat pattern and other colorful Easter egg ideas

red painted ikat eggs
tumeric coloured eggs with yarn wrapping
eggs with glued coffee crust and gold sparkles
Hanami eggs with paper blossoms
nail varnish marbled eggs
eggs dyed in food colouring and yoghurt


Perfectly shaped! Delayed Easter posting ...

I still recall my joyful anticipation for the Easter egg hunt when I was a child. I could not wait to get outside in the garden to find little presents and colourful eggs hidden in the lush green grass and the blooming shrubs. There could have been hardly a deeper disappointment as to wake up in the morning with the rain pouring down making the outdoor egg hunt impossible. One fair Easter Sunday I found a shiny red colored egg tucked into a huge green Tulip leaf by our neighbour although my parents had told me that I already picked all hidden eggs. I don't know exactly why I remember this particular egg as one of my favorite gifts today. Maybe because it came as a surprise from people I have not expected from at all. I remember the feel of the egg in my little palms. It felt chilly from the fresh morning air and perfectly shaped. 

I had this episode in mind when I painted the eggs for my current DIY Easter egg story. Guess which egg idea was my favorite? The red one ... Results are coming soon! 

Hope you all had Happy Easter Holidays!   



Fairytale tulips

I created the motifs above in order to design my new homepage. 
They are just made to illustrate and symbolize the different sites such as contact and clients etc. 
But I decided to show you these pictures here as well because I like their poetic 
and timeless appeal. 

New Homepage

I almost can't trust my eyes but it seems to be real. I did it after all. When I started creating my own homepage I thought it would probably be a matter of days. Please do not ask how much time I  actually have invested until I got to this point. But as often in our lifes only the really hard and challenging tasks and their successful execution lift us a little and make us feel kind of proud. I would be glad if you might have a glimpse at:

Please let me know your feedback or tell me about some improvements you would recommend.  


Mimosa II

Some further Mimosa impressions ... I did a Mimosa soap with ground blossoms and leafs. To intensify the scent I added a few drips of Mimosa oil. Seeing these pics I get the scent again.